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Dear Colleagues,

We present you Hospital Pharmacology – International Multidisciplinary Journal.
Clinical pharmacology, hospital health specialization, was spontaneously formed during fifties of the last century. It occurred first in USA and Sweden and soon after in England to finally become integrated into all health systems worldwide.

Clinical pharmacology is the crown of all health treatments. Serious assessment of health system effectiveness is based on clinical pharmacology development in hospitals and therefore it results in its transformation to hospital pharmacology.

The Journal was created from an active need to participate in the development, innovations and new trends of modern therapeutic procedures. The value of such achievements will be estimated by time. We are here to present your scientific works and results to the scientific auditorium and to hasten ever dynamic clinical pharmacology development.

We are open for all your ideas and suggestions – thereupon write to us! It will be our pleasure to create together our professional scientific journal.


Prim dr Maca Kastratovic SLIKA

Prim. Dragana Maca A. Kastratović, MD, PhD,
Clinical Pharmacology specialist

Serbian Medical Society
Section for Clinical Pharmacology (HOPH)
Džordža Vašingtona 19
11000 Belgrade
Serbia – EU
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Hospital Pharmacology – International Multidisciplinary Journal (HOPH), ISSN 2334-9492 (Online), is
published by the Section for Clinical Pharmacology of the Serbian Medical Society, 19 Džordža Vašingtona Street,
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